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Images for Symbio Movable Wall
standard 2-1/4" profile

[+] Client 1:

Corporate offices with custom butt-glazed corner detail.  Full height rift-cut white oak doors stained medium cherry.  Aluminum trim finish is "AC" Anodized Clear.  Base trim is 4" "AC" aluminum to match the panel trim finish.  The glazed panels feature acid-etched glazing in the center openings and clear glazing in the top and bottom openings.

[+] Client 2:

The offices of an association. The full height paint grade birch door is painted "SG" Slate Grey and uses the standard Yale cylindrical lockset in "26D" Satin Chrome.  The aluminum trim finish and the 6" base finish is also Slate Grey.  The project uses both clear & acid-etched glazing.  The fabric finish is 2I01 Grasscloth in Silver Birch.

[+] Client 3:

The offices of a corporation feature full height glazed panels installed on a slender-profile aluminum track to eliminate the need for base trim.  The project uses both patterned glass and clear glass.  The project uses both hinged doors and sliding doors. The full height narrow-stile aluminum sliding doors are installed on the office interior and use a standard 10" tube pull.  The full height aluminum hinged doors use a standard lever lockset and feature a cutout for glazing.  The aluminum trim finish is "AC" Anodized Clear.

[+] Client 4:

These corporate offices feature full height glazed panels with patterned glass and sliding aluminum doors installed on the office exterior.  The doors use an aluminum tube pull with a separate locking cylinder.  The project uses a combination of 4" base trim on the office front walls and 6" base trim on office dividing walls where modular electrical components are used in the panel raceway.

[+] Client 5:

The offices of an agency feature modular multi-lite glass panels with three openings - the top and bottom viewlight use clear glazing while the center viewlight features acid-etched glazing.  The trim finish for the aluminum and the 4" base is "AC" Anodized Clear.  The project uses special aluminum trim covers for the connectors.  Some doors use a standard lever lockset in "26D" Satin Chrome, but the project also uses a 24" post-mounted pull.  Custom connectors were fabricated in-house to enable the walls to intersect at the desired angles.

[+] Client 6:

The headquarters of a large corporation.  The project uses both white laminated and clear glazing.  The finish for the full height glazed panels, 4" base and aluminum doors is "AC" Anodized Clear.  Power spacers are used at door openings to provide a location for light switches.

[+] Client 7:

The offices of a large international foundation.  The project features clear butt-glazed panels, 4" aluminum base trim and hinged full-height wood veneer doors.  The door finish is quartered maple to match the furniture finish.  The base trim and aluminum finish is "AC" Anodized Clear.  Wide aluminum spacers are used at the end of GWB office dividing walls.  The standard Yale cylindrical lockset in "26D" Satin Chrome uses the popular "Monroe" lever handle.

[+] Client 8:
The offices of a mid-size design firm.  The project features wood veneer doors and panel inserts in Light Brown Walnut, and both clear and acid-etched glazing.  Also featured are several door types - including a frameless glass hinged door, a sliding aluminum and glass door, and a narrow-stile hinged aluminum and glass door.  Some panels are covered in a writable dry-erase finish.  Architectural electrical devices are installed in Movable Wall Connectors at convenient locations.

[+] Client 9:
The New York City offices of an international bank achieve a sense of openness and light which allows the magnificent views to be enjoyed throughout the space.  This project utilizes sliding rift-cut white oak veneer doors with architectural door pulls.  Full height glazed panels with an applied film detail are installed on a slender-profile aluminum track to eliminate the need for base trim.

[+] Client 10:
These agency offices feature a broad spectrum of product types working together.  Symbio pre-finished gypsum panels are used for the office dividing walls, while aluminum framed glass panels are used on the office fronts.  Some hinged laminate doors simulate a veneer finish while aluminum and glass sliding doors are used on some offices.  Framed panels in some offices include marker boards and tack panels covered in a feature fabric which are integrated in the panels, while other offices incorporate Clarus Whiteboards with attractive stand-off mounting hardware.  Glazing is filmed with Frosted Crystal.  The aluminum trim finish is a special match to HMI® Metallic Silver.  Suite doors were finished to match HMI® V3 Cherry Veneer.
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Custom butt-glazed corner detail.
Aluminum & glass door with lever lockset.
Offset tube pull
Butt-glazed panel joint at floor level.